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Quality is key.

Joining our R&D team as flucon’s Head of QA: André Heine.

Today we present a highly qualified new addition to the team. André Heine is 36 years young and will strengthen our R&D in the future with the important focus on quality assurance.

With his extensive knowledge in the areas of CAD construction, sensor technology and test benches, among others, Mr. Heine will take care of all quality-related customer concerns and will manage flucon’s continuous improvement process.

Introducing eps-inline – the fluid dielectricity monitor.

Ready for your first tests: newly developed eps-inline prototype sensor for determining the electrical properties of flowing liquids.

Based on its experience with the EPSILON+ laboratory device, our team has developed a process-compatible dielectricity meter for the continuous determination of the electrical resistivity, the dielectric constant and the dissipation factor.

As of now and for a limited time, some prototype units of the new system are available for testing in your application at special conditions.

An electric drive innovation.

Presenting the all-new “E-Lub Tester” for electric analysis of bearings and lubricants.

Based on previous knowledge of the technology of our EPSILON+ laboratory system, our team has designed a novel measurement and test setup for the four-ball tester (FBT), which can be used to investigate the behavior of electrically loaded rolling bearings.

In addition to the impedance, the E-Lub Tester is to be used to investigate the damaging breakdown currents and, in the future, to enable a statement to be made on the lubrication gap height or the lubrication condition in the bearing under certain load conditions without having to resort to the known model calculations for this purpose.

Our awarded technology.

Taking First Place in WRG’s Innovation Competition 2020: flucon’s EPSILON+.

We received good news from the city of Göttingen: flucon won first place in this year’s Innovation Award of the district.

During an online event, District Administrator Bernhard Reuter presented us with the award for our newly developed EPSILON+ laboratory device.

New headquarter – new home.

flucon makes move to new Barbis HQ.

After seven pretty successful (but recently also very cramped) years in Osterode am Harz, we have expanded our company headquarters with a new location in DE-37431 Bad Lauterberg / Barbis this week.