Introducing eps-inline – the fluid dielectricity monitor.

Ready for your first tests: newly developed eps-inline prototype sensor for determining the electrical properties of flowing liquids.

Based on its experience with the EPSILON+ laboratory device, our team has developed a process-compatible dielectricity meter for the continuous determination of the electrical resistivity, the dielectric constant and the dissipation factor.

As of now and for a limited time, some prototype units of the new system are available for testing in your application at special conditions.

The eps-inline consists of an intuitively operated electronic unit in a compact housing and a screw-in sensor based on a tubular capacitor, optimized for flow-through measurement. Using a G 3/4″ thread (and a suitable flow-through chamber if necessary), this can be easily integrated into your pipe or storage tank.

This instrument allows you to continuously determine the following parameters of your flowing media:

  • specific electrical resistivity/specific electrical conductivity (20 pS/m – 500 uS/m),
  • dielectric constant (1 – 10),
  • dielectric dissipation factor as well as
  • temperature.


Versatile for installation and operation.

With eps-inline, the measurement is independent of the flow shape, so that the robust stainless steel sensor offers the greatest possible installation flexibility.

The device has both a data interface (RS-232 / USB) and analog outputs (0…10 V / 4…20 mA), which can be used to transmit the measured values to your PC or PLC.


Wide range of applications.

The eps-inline can be used wherever the (di)electric properties of a flowing fluid are relevant. This includes, for example, applications in the field of electric and hybrid drives as well as applications with lubricating and gear oils, coolants, electrolytes or other operating fluids.



Application partners wanted.

We are now looking for cooperation partners from R&D who would like to test our new system at discounted rates.

Expand the scope of your technical investigations and benefit from our expertise in the field of electrical analysis of liquids.



Want to learn more?

Are you interested in our eps-inline or would you like to check whether the device is qualified for your application?

Request further information now without obligation. We look forward to your inquiry!

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