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flucon fluid control GmbH is dedicated to capture and to handle fluid properties such as viscosity, thermal conductivity, gas concentration etc.

The development, construction and distribution of measuring instruments is one of the main objects of the company. The following measuring devices are offered by flucon:

  • Quartz viscosimeter QVis for process or laboratory application,
  • Oil performance monitor LUBRICON for the monitoring and optimization of oil change intervals,
  • CGS for the detection of gas concentration/the degree of foaming in fluids,
  • Measuring instrument LAMBDA for the determination of thermal conductivity of fluids.

For this year we have just added two more innovative products to the flucon portfolio:

  • the flucon Oil Aeration Machine FOAM for performance and failure testing and
  • the brandnew measuring system EPSILON+ for the determination of dielectric fluid properties.

The other main objective of flucon is the service sector offered in the field of fluid research:

  • The unique flucon laboratory is used for fluid analysis of lubricants and other fluids. Depending on the customer´s requirements, a wide range of fluid characteristics is determined as a function of temperature (up to 120°C) and/or pressure (up to 10 kbar) on the basis of a send-in fluid sample.
  • Furthermore, flucon offers consulting services in the field of customer-specific challenges related to fluids and fluid characteristics.
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Success through innovation – for more than 25 years!

Our company was founded in 1991 by graduates and former members of the Institute of Tribology and Machine Kinetics of the Technical University of Clausthal, Germany. Since 2013, flucon is located in Osterode, a city in the Harz mountain area in the northern part of Germany close to Hannover. From here, our high-tech company delivers measuring instruments and data of fluid analysis to customers from various industries worldwide.

In 2016 we at flucon proudly celebrated our 25th anniversary, looking back on a success story of innovative ideas and vigorous engineering. A story that is definitely far from completion.


The 2nd generation of innovation.

As of July 2018, flucon Executive Dr. Bode gave the younger generation the lead. While it will be his pleasure to stay available to you and the company as an advisor, he has proudly passed on the management of our high-tech family business to his twin children, Ms. Johanna Hausner and Mr. Simon Hausner.

We would like to thank all of our customers and business partners for the confidence they’ve invested in us, and we’ll carry on and stick to our principles: to develop advanced measurement technology and to give our very best to meet the individual requirements of our customers.



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