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Supporting our customers with self-developed, accurate instruments for laboratory and process use since 1991. In our unique laboratory we offer individual fluid analysis services. flucon specializes on viscometry, thermal analyses, two-phase measurements and electrical characterization of fluids.

flucon Products

Find further information about our instruments for process and laboratory application:

Learn more about the QVis Viscometer, CGS Inline Aeration Meter and LAMBDA Thermal Conductivity Meter. Also, here are further details on flucon's latest developments: FOAM Aeration Test Rig, EPSILON+ Dielectricity Meter and E-Lub Tester Impedance and Breakdown Analyzer for Lubricants.


flucon Services

We analyze your fluid samples:

Various fluid characteristics, such as kinematic and dynamic viscosity, density, compressibility, velocity of sound, thermal conductivity, heat capacity and electrical properties are being determined as a function of temperature and/or pressure in our unique lab. Furthermore, we offer advisory services for any challenge concerning fluids and their characteristics.



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