Our awarded technology.

Taking First Place in WRG’s Innovation Competition 2020: flucon’s EPSILON+.

We received good news from the city of Göttingen: flucon won first place in this year’s Innovation Award of the district.

During an online event, District Administrator Bernhard Reuter presented us with the award for our newly developed EPSILON+ laboratory device.



Numerous well-known regional and supraregional companies participated in the competition announced by the Göttingen Region Economic Development Agency (WRG).

Out of a total of 43 applicants, our company prevailed in the category of companies with up to 20 employees.

With the EPSILON+ system, which is used to examine liquids for electric drives, flucon has been successful on the market for almost two years. This is the first time that electrical and dielectric properties of oils and greases (to be precise: their specific electrical conductivity, permittivity and dielectric loss factor) can be determined as a function of the temperature.

District Administrator Bernhard Reuter (Fig.) praised the development result of our team as a special achievement in the currently extremely relevant technical field of electrification: “This award is a trademark on its own. Growing numbers of participants, increasing popularity, this is a brand that has outgrown our district borders and has changed the nature of this competition. Being an encouragement price originally this award turned into a definite quality seal.”  

As the first place winner in the competition judged by a 10-person jury, flucon receives prize money as well as an innovation sculpture designed by artist Christian Jankowski.

In addition, a (German) short film was produced that presented our company and our EPSILON+ laboratory instrument.

The media response was also extremely positive: both the Göttinger Tageblatt and the HarzKurier dedicated generous articles to flucon’s special award.

In the meantime, Mr. Marc Diederich, Managing Director of WRG (left in the picture), has also visited us and personally presented our team with the prize for first place and a certificate.

We would like to thank WRG for this great award and look forward to perhaps coming up with another innovation in the coming year!

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