LAMBDA Thermal Conductivity Meter

The Thermal conductivity system LAMBDA

LAMBDA is a compact, operator-friendly transient hot wire instrument that facilitates a fast determination of the thermal conductivity in a wide temperature and pressure range by means of the hot wire method according to ASTM D7896-19.

This highly accurate athermal calorimeter is suited for fluid analysis in the laboratory as well as in the field, including the measurement of thermal conductivity of nanoparticle dispersions/nano fluids.

The LAMBDA thermal conductivity meter can be operated either in stand-alone mode or with the intuitive software (incl.) on your WINDOWS computer via RS-232/USB.

Key features

  • highly accurate laboratory instrument
  • wide measuring range (10 - 2000 mW/(m*K))
  • thermal conductivity and temperature are displayed
  • fast, instationary resistance measurement by means of the hot wire method
  • conforms to ASTM D7896-19
  • robust stainless steel sensor
  • wide temperature range (-50°C to 300°C)
  • no unwanted influence of convection
  • suitable for any fluid, powder or gel
  • requires only small sample volumes (approx. 40 ml)
  • high repeatability (+/- 1 %)
  • short set-up time
  • quick and easy to operate
  • RS-232/USB connection to your PC for automatic measurement and temperature control
  • functional LAMBDA software included
  • optional thermostat available for automatic sample temperature control

Easy and fast measurement

For determining the thermal conductivity with LAMBDA a small sample volume of 40 ml is sufficient. Simply immerse its sensor with the hot wire into the sample and LAMBDA will determine the thermal conductivity as well as the temperature of your fluid in a one minute interval.

Fields of application

This compact and highly accurate instrument opens up new possibilities for the flexible application in both laboratory and field:

  • Optimization of fluid development: Improve your development of HTF, silicone oils, insulation oils, etc.
  • Optimization of fluid applications: Solve thermal problems of your application or optimize the heat transfer in your process.
  • Quality control: Check the thermal conductivity of your incoming/outgoing liquids.
  • Fluid analysis in the field: Optimize your service and maintenance intervals.

Modes of operation

Thanks to its intuitive menu the LAMBDA meter can be operated in stand-alone mode. In addition you may use your PC with our powerful LAMBDA software to set up automatic conductivity measurements within a temperature range of your choice. The captured CSV-based data can be exported easily, e.g. to EXCEL, for your further analysis.



Optional thermostat for automatic sample temperature control

We also offer different suitable thermostats, which can be controlled automatically by the LAMBDA device so you quickly set any sample temperature for which you require information:

  • OMEGA dry thermostat (standard, as shown below): RT to 300°C
  • Julabo fluid thermostat with heat exchanger vessel for additional cooling: -25°C to 300°C


Technical data

Suitable media fluids, gels, powders
Sample quantity approx. 40 ml
Measuring range 10 - 2000 mW/(m*K)
Repeatability limit 1 %
Temperature range - sensor -50°C - 300°C
Temperature accuracy ± 0,1°C
Temperature measurement PT100
Pressure range - sensor 0 - 35 bar (optional HP version up to 10.000 bar available)
Response time ca. 60 s
Connectivity RS-232 interface (adaptable to USB)
Display LCD (4 x 16 digits)
Dimensions electronic unit (LxWxH) 370 x 235 x 150 mm
Weight - system approx. 2,9 kg
Power supply 110 - 240 V AC, 50/60Hz
Energy consumption 15W
Outer dimensions sample vessel (screw-on cup) D = 36 mm (equals inner diameter of thermostat jacket);

L = 100 mm (equals immersion depth into thermostat)

see picture below



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The Thermal conductivity system LAMBDA