EPSILON+ Dielectricity Meter for measurement of dielectric fluid properties (Conductivity, Permittivity, DDF)

Dielektriksensor EPSILON+


New Challenges for e-fluids and electric driveline development

Due to the advancing electro and hybrid mobility, lubricants and operating liquids need to meet new requirements regarding their electrical properties. Modern synthetic gear oils or bearing greases are not perfect isolators – even most of the oils used for combustion engines are already characterized by a minimum level of electrical conductivity. This helps to decrease overvoltages and electrical breakdowns which are for example caused by static charging within gears or bearings.

Electric drives are formulating new challenges for e-fluids: in the presence of high voltages and variable frequencies, knowledge of the complex fluid impedance is useful in order to assess the performance of the respective substance when exposed to an electrical field.

In addition to e-mobility, there are numerous other application areas for the EPSILON+, e.g. the examination of rolling bearing greases used for wind turbines or railway technology. Measurement of the dielectric properties such as the relative permittivity (dielectric constant) or the dielectric dissipation factor (DDF/tan δ) is also relevant for the development and operation of transformers and large-scale electro-technical applications in which oils are used e.g. as a coolant.

With EPSILON+, flucon presents a powerful laboratory instrument for capturing the essential dielectric parameters of fluids as a function of the temperature.


Unser Dielektriksensor EPSILON+

flucon's latest innovation:

EPSILON+ Dielectricity Meter

EPSILON+ is a compact laboratory instrument for precise measurement of the complex fluid impedance according to DIN 51 111. This test standard was based on DIN IEC 60247 and specifically developed for moderately conductive lubricants. It allows for a non-destructive analysis using AC voltages.

This reliable system will determine the following properties:

  •  Specific Electrical Conductivity
  •  Relative Permittivity / Dielectric Constant   ε r
  •  Dielectric Dissipation Factor (DDF) tan δ


EPSILON+  |  Measurement

EPSILON+ is characterized by its operator convenience. Only 8 ml of fluid are required inside the test cell which consists of a stainless steel screw-in sensor. The sample is filled into the additional cup and heated up to the desired test temperature by means of a thermostat (different options available). Automatic tests can be conducted within a desired temperature range, with increments of your choice.

EPSILON+  |  Features

  • dielectric fluid testing by means of impedance measurement in accordance with DIN 51 111 (sole instrument of standardization)
  • determination of specific electrical resistivity/conductivity, dielectric constant and DDF
  • only small sample amounts required (8 ml)
  • high accuracy and repeatability
  • wear-free test cell (stainless steel screw-in sensor and sample cup)
  • integrated PT100 temperature measurement
  • optional thermostat for automatic sample temperature control
  • compact tabletop unit with aluminum housing, TFT display and menu knob
  • EPSILON+ PC software for control and measurement evaluation included



Optional thermostat for automatic sample temperature control

We also offer different suitable thermostats, which can be controlled automatically by the EPSILON+ device and quickly set up whatever sample temperature you desire for your tests:

  • Dry-block thermostat (standard for DIN 51 111, as shown below): room temperature to 180°C
  • Julabo fluid circulator with heat exchanger vessel for additional cooling: -20°C to 180°C


flucon EPSILON+
flucon EPSILON+

E is for enhancement.

You would like enhance your knowledge about the electrical behaviour of your EV fluids, lubricants and equipment?

We offer a compact and comprehensive system for static dielectric analysis of your fluids.


Technical specifications

Test standards
DIN 51 111 (sole instrument)
based on DIN EN 60247, ASTM D2624 (conforms partially)
Suitable substances
lubricants (oils & greases), hydraulic liquids, transformer oils, immersion coolants, fuels, hydrocarbons, etc.
Dimensions sensor D = 38 mm, H = 115 mm
Sample quantity 8 ml
Materials Stainless steel, polyether ether ketone (PEEK), polyimide
Temperature measurement PT 100, +/- 0,1°C deviation
Temperature range -20°C to 180°C
Sample temperature control different thermostat options available (controlled by EPSILON+)
Electrical conductivity - measuring range 0 nS/m to 600 μS/m
Electrical conductivity - resolution 0,02 nS/m
Specific resistivity - measuring range 1,6 kΩ *m to 50 GΩ *m
Relative permittivity - measuring range 1 to 10
Dielectric dissipation factor - measuring range 0 to 10.000
Dielectric dissipation factor - resolution 0,003
Measuring time approx. 15 s
Accuracy +/- 1%
Electronic unit
Power supply 110-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Energy consumption max. 30 W
Dimensions aluminum housing (WxHxD) 235 x 150 x 370 mm
Display TFT, 480 x 320 px
Data communication (PC) USB and RS-232, includes fluconEPS software for Windows



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