Fluid analysis

Analysis of lubricants and other fluids in the flucon laboratory

flucon fluid control GmbH determines the fluid characteristics stated below as a function of temperature and/or pressure on the customer´s behalf. Our sensors are based on a modular design and are suited for fluid analysis under extreme conditions  in the temperature range from -20°C to 150°C and in the pressure range from 0 bar to 10.000 bar.

According to the extent of the analysis, a send-in sample size of 100 ml to 300 ml per test fluid is sufficient. The flucon high-pressure laboratory is fully automized and operated by a personal computer. Along with the different sensor modules, the autoclave (the pressure vessel), the hydraulic high-pressure pump and the heating unit are the most important components of the high-pressure laboratory.

Operating conditions:

  • temperature range: 20°C to 120°C (standard); -20°C to 150°C (optional)
  • pressure range: 0 bar to 10.000 bar

Processing of data

The customer receives the data electronically, including a numeric and graphic representation of data by means of suitable equations. This facilitates any further processing of the data, fast and user-friendly.



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