Fluid Analysis

Analysis of lubricants and other fluids in our fluid laboratory and HP lab

flucon fluid control GmbH determines the fluid characteristics stated below as a function of temperature and/or pressure on the customer´s behalf. Our sensors are based on a modular design and are suited for fluid analysis under extreme conditions  in the temperature range from -20°C to 150°C and in the pressure range from 0 bar to 10.000 bar.

According to the extent of the analysis, a send-in sample size of 50 ml to 300 ml per test fluid is sufficient.


Operating conditions:

  • temperature range: 20°C to 120°C (standard); -20°C to 150°C (optional)
  • pressure range: 0 bar to 10.000 bar

Lab services under state-of-the-art conditions

Each fluid analysis is conducted at our flucon laboratory in our Barbis headquarters with our own, regularly calibrated instruments. Thanks to our brand-new facilities from Köttermann(TM) and the strict compliance with our quality guidelines our staff of experts works under ideal conditions in regard to lab ambience, cleanliness and of course safety.


One of a kind: our High-Pressure Lab

With the help of a custom high-pressure system that was specially designed for our unique metering procedures, we are capable of recording various parameters of material data as a function of temperature and pressure (10 kbar / 1 GPa max.), which makes our analysis service completely unique even from the global perspective.

Both the recording of measured values (including data preparation) and the process control of the entire system can be run automatically. In addition to the high-pressure inserts for measuring the fluid characteristics, the test stand consists of an autoclave (high-pressure container) with temperature control, automatic compression control and a custom software that records each run as a protocol.


E-fluid testing with flucon's latest innovations: EPSILON+ and E-Lub Tester

The pervasive electrification of drive technology has brought up new challenges for operating fluids, such as lubricants, transmission oils and coolants. Many e-fluids must be tested for their electrical and dielectric properties.

For extensive electrical fluid characterization in a wide range of operating conditions we follow a dual test approach using flucon's innovative instruments:


EPSILON+ Fluid Dielectricity Meter (static test)

The EPSILON+ laboratory instrument allows you to determine the electrical and dielectric fluid porperties as a function of the temperature (optional addition: as a function of the pressure) in accordance with the new DIN 51 111 test standard:

  • specific electrical conductivity (reciprocal resistivity) [nS/m and uS/m],
  • dielectric constant (relative permittivity),
  • dielectric dissipation factor (DDF).

This highly accurate instrument comes with a tubular capacitor for testing under static conditions (constant gap). While DIN 51 111 suggests three characteristic isotherms (50°C, 100°C, 150°C) you may choose your test temperatures freely in a wide range from -30° to 180°C.


E-Lub Tester Impedance and Breakdown Analyzer  (dynamic test)

The E-Lub Tester uses a sensor-monitored test bearing that can be exposed to controlled mechanical and electrical stress. While varying the fluid temperature, speed, mechanical load and the electrical field applied with individual signal form, this all-new apparatus will determine the following characteristics:

  • impedance: complex resistance of lubricant in running test bearing (R & C),
  • breakdown tendency: critical voltage and number of EDM discharges via EDM Finder,
  • lubricant film thickness (Tribo-Film Thickness feature pending).

What happens next: processing of the recorded data

Each customer receives a digital protocol of the lab results. This data includes a numeric and graphic representation of all the results as well as a set of suitable equations which allow further analysis and (in the case of thermodynamic analysis) even extrapolation of further temperature/pressure combinations. This facilitates any further processing of your data, in a fast and user-friendly way.



Helping you interpret your data

No matter if it's oils, greases, gels or other liquids that we're testing for you: flucon always delivers reliable information on your fluid samples. With decades of experience in the field of fluid charecterization, our knowledgeable team is happy to support you with the interpretation of each of your lab results.

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