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flucon GmbH joins FVA Research Association for Drive Technology

Today the time has finally come: our company has been accepted as a member of the Research Association for Drive Technology – or FVA for short. As a developer, manufacturer and also user of fluid measurement technology, we continuously move between different research focuses. Drive technology in particular has been and remains an essential discipline of our work. One of its central challenges, the characterization of suitable lubricants in a wide variety of drive systems, has given our team the literal drive to innovate for many years.

Creating more expertise for oils and greases of electric drives

As a result of the continuing increase in the electrification of our world and the accompanying growth in e-mobility, two of our heartfelt topics meet at the core of drive research and thus also at the FVA: the consideration of a lubricant as a dielectric and the development of suitable measuring instruments for this purpose.

Through the development and application of the EPSILON+ laboratory instrument, which was designed for static investigations of the temperature dependence of the specific electrical conductivity, the relative permittivity and the dielectric dissipation factor by means of a special tubular capacitor, we have already been able to gain many valuable insights in the determination of dielectric fluid properties in recent years.

Our test equipment has also recently been supplemented by the E-Lub Tester tribo test rig for e-fluids, which enables dynamic testing of a specifically stressed oil or grease and lets you determine not only the impedance of a variably loaded EHD contact but also the breakdown voltage and frequency for any desired operating point (or characteristic map).

With the help of the FVA, we would like to transfer this know-how in the field of dielectric lubricant testing to the field of drive technology in order to jointly develop a better, application-related understanding of this exciting research topic. Equally, we also look forward to hearing about needs for specific sensor technology from development and industry, so that we can initiate the next revolution in lubricant characterization, either in direct exchange or as part of R&D projects.

We also look gratefully at what the FVA has to offer its members. The research platform “Themis” enables us to gain insight into highly relevant research projects and to participate in their progress ourselves. For example, we are following with great interest the upcoming start of the FVA 949 II research project on the standardization of the measurement of breakdown voltages in ball bearings, among other things. Through the findings of this and other projects, we want to work together with the large number of German and international experts within the FVA to improve existing procedures, develop standards and advance drive technology and sustainability in the long term.


Full of enthusiasm, we await the exchange of experience in the drive technology expert group. Are you also active in the FVA or considering membership? Then we look forward to the discussion with you!


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