United in tribology.

flucon has joined the STLE!

Just in time for the 80th birthday of the Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers (STLE), we are proud to announce that flucon has been accepted as its latest member. The STLE is a worldwide association of competent and highly innovative companies researching the influences of and on lubrication conditions in a wide range of friction technology applications.

In view of our far-reaching and ever-growing expertise, particularly in the field of oils and greases, we look forward to the joint exchange and the resulting progress in research.

Finding answers to important questions of our time

How can the technical challenges of e-mobility be identified and overcome? Which factors are relevant for electric drives and their optimal lubrication? What does it take to ensure that different bearing types can be used efficiently and remain intact even under the highest mechanical and electrical loads?

These are all questions that concern us as part of global research and development in the field of lubrication for electric drive systems. With flucon’s constantly expanding portfolio, we want to gain new insights for drive technology and lubricant development.

The focus here is certainly on added value for our customers and partners, but also on a lively exchange with other researchers from a wide range of disciplines.

flucon’s “Dual Approach” to dielectric lubricant analysis

Based on our EPSILON+ Dielectricity Meter, which is standardized in accordance with DIN 51 111, the E-Lub Tester dielectric tribometer enables application-oriented testing of the (di)electrical properties of a moving lubricated test bearing to determine the lubrication condition and the breakdown tendency in the characteristic field.

This two-sided and complementary lubricant test in particular

  • in the static tubular capacitor of the EPSILON+ on the one hand and
  • in the dynamically adjustable ball bearing contact of the E-Lub Tester on the other hand

provides a fully comprehensive and innovative option for an in-depth lubricant characterization.

The E-Lub Tester serves as a measuring adapter for the Hansa VKA four-ball tester as well as for the Falex Four-Ball and records the impedance and the breakdown tendency under fully variable operating conditions (speed, load, lubricant temperature, source voltage signal, and run time).

Sharing insights with each other

For the first time this year, flucon will be attending the 78th Annual Meeting of STLE in Minneapolis (USA ) from May 19th to 23rd to report on the innovative opportunities offered by the Dual Approach developed in-house.

Join us on 20/05/2024 from 8:00 AM in the session “Electric Vehicles I” to learn more about the advantages of flucon’s test capabilities. We look forward to exchanging ideas with you! Registration is possible via the STLE website.



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