Quality is key.

Joining our R&D team as flucon’s Head of QA: André Heine.

Today we present a highly qualified new addition to the team. André Heine is 36 years young and will strengthen our R&D in the future with the important focus on quality assurance.

With his extensive knowledge in the areas of CAD construction, sensor technology and test benches, among others, Mr. Heine will take care of all quality-related customer concerns and will manage flucon’s continuous improvement process.

Customer satisfaction as a top priority.

Quality assurance at flucon is both solution- and future-oriented:

Our common goal is to effectively coordinate technical support – whenever necessary – and to systematically identify optimization potentials in order to not only solve potential customer problems as quickly as possible, but to completely avoid their recurrence in the future.


Know-how for rolling bearing testing.

As an experienced test engineer, André Heine will also drive the further development of flucon’s E-Lub Tester. In addition to impedance measurement and recording of breakdown currents, the focus here is on determining the lubrication gap height in the test bearing.


Customer support for flucon’s latest measuring instrument also falls within his remit.


Expertise in two-phase flows.

André’s technical focus is also on flucon’s two-phase technology: for users of the CGS inline aeration meter and the FOAM oil aeration test rig, he will always have an open ear to help you solve problems related to entrained gas.

Welcome to our team, André!
We are very much looking forward to working together and also to making flucon even better together.

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