Welcoming our latest specialist.

Dennis Schmidt to join our team of electronics technicians.

The expertise of our team in Osterode will be boosted by yet another employee: Since May of 2019 Dennis has been supporting us with our hardware and electronics. As a trained mechatronic engineer he will focus on the assembly of the control components for most of our instruments.

Having worked on countless control cabinets of various applications throughout his career Dennis Schmidt is highly qualified and the perfect backup for our quality-focused production.

When it comes to electronics Dennis will be responsible for most of our systems. EPSILON+, LAMBDA, CGS, FOAM. You name it, you got it. He will also build parts of the hardware of the QVis process viscometers and even help with the quartz sensor assembly.

We are very proud and lucky to announce that we have agreed with Dennis Schmidt upon a long-term cooperation.

Welcome to the team, Dennis!


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