Testing the giant.

Custom built Oil Aeration Machine for high flow rates.

In the opulent shape of an extra-large version of the FOAM Flucon Oil Aeration Machine, our aeration technology is taking on new dimensions. The mobile equipment was modified according to the specific requirements of a southern European customer, and even with individual structure it impresses by reproducibility, functionality and a finely tuned gas concentration (CG) control.

This special construction of our FOAM XL-x resembles a real colossus and is equipped with a 15 kW engine, which brings her a proud 300 kg on the scales. A specially adapted pump allows an external supply of more than 100 l/min of aerated oil. All fluid-carrying components of this machine were designed for correspondingly high flow rates. 38 mm pipes are used on the suction side.

The use of Viton gaskets keeps the equipment temperature-resistant and permits testing up to 120°C. In order to counteract the pronounced air separation at the low viscosities at such temperatures, the automatic CG control of the FOAM XL-x ensures adequate air supply. Based on live measurements in the suction area of ​​the customer’s test object, this compensation is always prompt and reliable.

In the meantime, this custom FOAM unit has been completed on time and delivers impressive results in all previous tests. Despite enormous flow rates, finest bubble dispersions can be produced in oils of various formulations.

This shows once again that flucon’s patented procedure of quantifiable gas enrichment in fluids is well scalable.


Inline aeration measurement and aeration testing with equipment from flucon.

The fact that the FOAM Flucon Oil Aeration Machine is now technically mature and therefore easily reproducible on an individual scale is due to several years of development and continuous improvement of our technology.

In the meantime, customers from all over the world are using our equipment for the targeted investigation of their lubricated machines and hydraulic components under the influence of concentrated gas in their working media.

Since flucon successfully introduced the innovative CGS inline aeration meter for the determination of the gas concentration in two-phase flows back in 2000 (which has also been subjected to continuous improvements), we at flucon, as probably the world’s first company, have been able not only to determine fluid aeration by the vol‰, but to also produce it for testing purposes with freely selectable gas fractions.

For the test set-up either the own test bench reservoir (FOAM XL-x) or the integrated conditioning tank of our mobile aggregate (FOAM S) can be used, in which the oil is aerated and heated.


Thanks to the patented procedure (DE 10 2017 110 672), the microbubbles produced in your oil will have minimum diameters (approx. 70 μm at atmospheric pressure), which will make the produced two-phase mixture durable and transportable even when released in your open tank. Through the fine air dispersion the natural degassing is kept at a minimum.




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