Perfected and patented.

Protective right reserved on oil aeration apparatus and procedure.

Over the last several years we have been pushing the development of a quantifiable way to enrich the gas concentration in fluids. This lead to a unique technical procedure and to the Flucon Oil Aeration Machine FOAM, which we have been selling to customers from all around the world for their advanced aeration testing.

What had been pending for more than a year is now finally official: our patent specification entitled “Aeration apparatus for the provision of a fluid in the form of a fluid-gas-mixture and procedure to aerate fluids” was granted full protection by the German Patent Office. The patent, listet under registry no. DE 10 2017 110 672, is valid since 05-18-2017, naming our executive Simon Hausner and Dr. Berthold Bode as inventors.

The FOAM XL-x, which is the latest development of our oil aeration products and allows customers to aerate their oil ‘externally’ in their tank, is based on this very procedure and comes with an accurate gas concentration (‘CG’) control. This enables you to raise the CG of your oil in 0.5 vol% steps and find out how your technical components perform (and when they break) under the influence of aeration. It only takes a quick setup (set your CG from 0.5 to 25.0 vol%) and a few minutes of waiting.


Special features of the aeration procedure.

Thanks to its advanced aeration technology the gas bubbles produced with the FOAM have minimum diameters (approx. 20 to 120 µm at atmospheric pressure) and are therefore most durable. Unlike with other attempts of gas enrichment the separation and stall of the two-phase flow are prevented. Through the obtained microdispersion the natural degassing of rising and agglomerating bubbles is kept to a minimum, while all physical and fluidic boundaries are taken care of. This grants a homogenous, transporatble mixture that is perfect for your testing and evaluation.

Fast inline measurement for reliable control.

Each FOAM is equipped with an integrated CG sensor to make sure that you provide your test object with the gas concentration of your desire.  Based on 1 Hz live measuring data, the machine gives you a standardized value (vol% of gas at atmospheric pressure), which brings comparability and evaluability. While there’s no need for a compressed air supply, the FOAM is delivered as a ready-to-use aggregate. In our flucon test lab each unit is precalibrated on the oil of our customer’s choice. Further calibration on different oils is required only once for any new type of oil and can be performed automatically by means of a thermostat.

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