flucon’s latest experts.

Josephine Klingebiel and Maik Schröder to join team flucon.

In February and March, our company was supplemented by further highly qualified specialists: Josephine Klingebiel was won over as an R&D engineer, Maik Schröder as an expert in laboratory analyzes and fluid measurement technology.

We warmly welcome both colleagues and, together with you, take a look at the main areas of activity of our newcomers.


Ms. Josephine Klingebiel holds a degree in mechanical engineering with a focus on measurement technology and therefore fits perfectly into our team.

Ms. Klingebiel will support flucon in all current technical projects in the future. For example, she is currently working on our latest development project to investigate the electrical properties of oils and greases in (axial) bearings. For this purpose, we are currently designing a special test adapter for the four-ball apparatus, which enables the lubricant behavior to be investigated under variable process conditions (temperature, speed, load, electrical field) and which can transfer the new knowledge already obtained using flucon’s EPSILON+ high-precision laboratory sensor to real operating conditions.

Thankfully, Ms. Klingebiel brings solid previous experience in project work, very good skills in the area of ​​component construction, excellent general technical knowledge and a lot of motivation.

We look forward to working with Josephine and welcome her to our team.

Our second new talent is Mr. Maik Schröder, who has a master’s degree in physics (focus: high-precision measurement technology, surface physics, low-temperature physics) and will from now on support us with our fluid analyzes in the flucon high-pressure laboratory, but also with our R&D projects.

Mr. Schröder is also a “technical generalist” with a lot of know-how in various disciplines, so that he has a great fit with his colleagues:

Together with our Dr. Bode, Mr. Schröder will mainly carry out the thermodynamic analyzes of liquid samples and, as the “first user” of our prototype systems, will be the important interface to the flucon development department.

His advanced programming and construction skills are a real asset for our team and round off the profile of this likeable high potential.

Also to you, Maik, a very warm welcome to the flucon team!

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