Electronic engineer of the future.

Saad Jmar to become flucon’s new trainee with Jascha Schwarz as supervisor.

On the first of September, a new phase of life begins for Saad Jmar. The 24-year-old Moroccan immigrated to Germany only a few days ago as part of an accelerated skilled worker procedure and is now starting his apprenticeship as an electronic engineer for devices and systems at flucon.


The young man deliberately takes the long way from his beloved home in Mohammedia, a pretty port city near the metropolis of Casablanca. “Germany is an international pioneer in the technology sector, a country of innovations,” says Jmar. He describes his perspective on this country with infectious enthusiasm. And he wants to experience it himself and help shape it, to become part of this innovative force.


The goal very early before eyes.

Saad set his sights on his path as an electronic engineer of the future many years ago: in Morocco, he completed his high school diploma in science and then graduated vocational school to become a certified automation technician. He already speaks German fluently thanks to several courses. A lot of effort for his big goal.


Now Saad is part of the flucon family.

On Thursdays and Fridays, he attends the vocational school in neighboring Osterode to further deepen the theoretical part of his three-and-a-half-year traineeship. The rest of the week, at flucon’s headquarters in Barbis, he assembles circuit boards for our measurement systems, wires and assembles electronics, calibrates sensors and learns a lot about our innovative fluid measurement technology.


As part of our manufacturing team, Saad is already super integrated due to his open nature – and not least thanks to his excellent language skills.


Jascha Schwarz is leading the training.

Our Head of Manufacturing Jascha Schwarz, who completed his own training at flucon a good decade ago, is a state-certified Technician for Mechatronics and is responsible for the technical training of flucon’s electronics technicians.

A specialist through and through, Schwarz has been with flucon since 2006 and knows the benefits and challenges of training inside out:

“It’s great fun to work with young motivated people like Saad. And it’s clearly a win-win to share your knowledge with them. Simply put, someone learns thanks to your experience, and you gain a reliable, likeable colleague in the team to support you along the way.”



Younger and more diverse? That always works.

At flucon, we believe in the success concept of diversity. And that applies to all personal characteristics – regardless of age, gender or origin.

With young people from a wide range of cultural backgrounds, we believe we are well equipped for challenging times in a globalized world.

We firmly believe that our team stands out because of the integration we practice every day.

We are therefore particularly pleased that our “electronic engineer of the future” from Morocco has found his way to us.


Welcome to Germany and welcome to Team flucon, dear Saad! We wish you a lot of fun during your training.



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