QVis 01/o Process Viscometer

Blockschaltbild für das Prozessviskosimeter QVis


Would you like to analyze and control the dynamic viscosity of your fluids continuously during your process? Our QVis 01/o inline viscosimeter automates your viscosity monitoring and generates measuring results that are reproducible and documentable.

Banish flow cups and  keep track of your fluid viscosity at all times!



Since measurement of the dynamic viscosity with QVis is completely independent of the direction of flow, the mounting of the QVis 01/o sensor can be realized in any form of pipe, regardless of the flow conditions in it. QVis can be operated in stand-alone mode or it can be connected to your PC: a comfortable Windows software is included in the delivery to allow you to automate measuring procedures and to further process the obtained data.



The QVis 01/o inline viscometer consists of only two components: a probe and a compact electronic unit which are connected with a flexible cable. The robust plastic housing includes an electronic control and evaluation system and can be mounted on the nearest wall or installed in your control cabinet.

The probe contains the unique SiO2 torsional tranducer and is equipped with a G 1″ screw connection to give you maximum flexibility in regard to the installation. Depending on your requirements further types of sensors (e.g. clamping-fastened sensors with a screw-cap or sensors with special thread or even flange connection) are available upon request.


We offer different sensors for many different applications: A distinction is made between sensors for electrically conductive and non-conductive fluids as well as for sensors suited for high-temperature or high-pressure applications.

No matter your application, we have the right sensor for you and will be happy to help you find it.


Blockschaltbild für das Prozessviskosimeter QVis


Technical data

Power supply 110-240 V, 50/60 Hz
Energy consumption < 10 W
Viscosity range 1 to 10.000 mPas
Repeatability Deviation ± 1% for η > 10 mPas

Deviation ± 0,1 mPas for η ≤ 10 mPas

Calibration reference oil calibration
Response time approx. 15 s
Frequency approx. 56 kHz
Shear rate approx. 3,5 *105 s-1
Sensor consumption < 100 mW
Temperature range sensor -20°C to 120°C (optionally up to 300°C)
Pressure range sensor 25 bar
Temperature measurement PT100 (4-wire technology), +/- 0,1°C
Data communication (computer) RS-232 interface
Dimensions electronic unit (LxWxH) 330 x 290 x 145 mm
Dimensions sensor immersion depth 50mm,

custom-made sizes available upon request

Dimensions torsional transducer/quartz (DxL)

Ø12 mm x 35 mm

Did you know..?

For the application in explosive hazardous areas, please refer to the explosive-proof process viscosimeter.


New possiblities. With QVis from flucon.

Our QVis 01/o is more than just a sensor for your viscosimetry: it's an intelligent and reliable measuring system that facilitates process management and helps you optimize your quality control.


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