Laboratory viscosimeter QVis 01/L

The laboratory viscosimeter QVis 01/L is suited for different applications: Within the reasearch laboratory, the viscosimeter allows an optimization of the development of fluids and in the test field a quick and easy quality control is facilitated.


The handling of this type of viscosimeter is very simple and the required set-up time was reduced to a minimum. Specific measuring vessels are not needed and no problems with filling up narrow gaps or capillaries arise. As soon as the top of the measuring head (quartz and temperature sensor) is immersed into the measuring fluid, the QVis 01/L carries out accurate viscosity measurement in a large measuring range (1 to 10.000 mPas).


A compact table casing encloses the basic unit of the laboratory viscosimeter. The ergonomically shaped measuring head is attached to the basic unit by means of a flexible plug connection.

With its LC display and intuitive menu the QVis is designed to be run in the stand-alone mode.

For the optional connection  to a control computer (WINDOWS PC or laptop), a comfortable software is included in the delivery, which allows the automation of the measuring procedure and the processing of the data. A standardized RS-232 interface (adaptable to USB for PC connection) enables the user to control a thermostat (optional accessory) or other elements.


The QVis furthermore provides you with analog output live data (0...10 V or 4...20 mA) of the viscosity and the temperature so that remote monitoring of your fluids from the distance is no problem.





Blockschaltbild für das Laborviskosimeter QVis 01/L.


Technical Data

Power supply 110-240 V, 50/60 Hz
Energy consumption < 10 W
Viscosity range 1 to 10.000 mPas
Repeatability +/- 1 % deviation from the displayed value
Precision +/- 2 % deviation with reference oil calibration
Response time approx. 15 s
Frequency approx. 56 kHz
Shear rate approx. 3,5 *105 s-1
Sensor consumption <100 mW
Temperature range sensor -20°C to 120°C (optionally up to 300°C)
Pressure range sensor 16 bar (optionally up to 10.000 bar)
Measuring modes continuous measuring, single measurements, temperature profile, time period
Data communication (computer) RS-232 interface
Dimensions electronic unit (LxWxH) 370 x 235 x 150 mm
Weight electronic unit approx. 2,9 kg
Dimensions quartz (DxL) Ø 12 mm x 35 mm


The QVis 01/L is more than a measuring device for the determination of viscosity; it is an intelligent measuring system which is suited for the development of fluids and which allows a fast and simple quality control and quality assurance.

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