Sunny outlooks.

In operation since May: 100 kWp photovoltaic system.

Already in spring 2022 a solar plant has been installed at flucon, which could now finally be put into operation.

The southern roofs of our new company headquarters were almost completely covered with PV modules, giving us an output of 100 kWp. The configuration was supplemented by an in-house storage system, which is intended to cover the nightly demand, compensate for yield dips and thus ensure as complete self-sufficiency as possible.

Solar factory as a regional contribution to climate protection.

We have deliberately oversized the PV system: the energy generated by our “solar factory” far exceeds our own requirements in the high-yield months, so that surpluses can be fed into the regional grid.

This is great news not only for our company, because the solar power we generate makes an important contribution to sustainability and the incredibly important climate protection.



Here are the specs.

Our new system was installed by the Osterode-based specialist company radotronic and has the following key data:

Total power
99,9 kWp
Number of modules
270 pieces
Energy per module 370 Wp
PV module – Type IBC MonoSol 370
Number of inverters 2 pieces
Inverter – Type SMA STP 50-40 Core
Storage system – Type IBC Li ions, Capacity 15 kWh
Installer radotronic GmbH, Osterode am Harz, Germany
Date of commissioning 05-05-2022
Further features Supply of flucon EV charging station, performance data outpur via Solarfox Display


Initial yield data has us beaming.

Since commissioning, our plant has generated over 16 MWh per month. This is a great value, which of course can only be achieved in the sunniest months. Nevertheless, we are confident that we will be able to cover some of our demand even in the lower-yield months.



Viewed over the year as a whole, we should in any case have a positive balance with significant energy surpluses and high self-sufficiency values, so that we are definitely getting closer to our goal of zero emissions.

Thanks to the digital interface of the energy meter, the yield data can be evaluated at any time. Our main entrance is now also adorned with a Solarfox display that presents all relevant live data to our team and all interested visitors.


We’re very happy that we were able to take an important step towards climate protection with our brand-new plant.


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