Same accuracy, new looks.

flucon's new Design Boxes


New design housings for our measuring systems.

Since the CGS systems in the modernized desktop housing has already received a lot of positive feedback – and since we’re also convinced of the functionality and aesthetics of the new look – we have decided to now offer all flucon measuring devices with optional design boxes.

Visually appealing and high-quality, the sturdy design table cases are presented in a restrained play of silver and flucon blue. The blue LC display and the likewise blue illuminated menu knob ensure a well-balanced look and a noble feel, but without overtaxing the eye or the user.

In addition to the CGS and the thermal conductivity system LAMBDA, both the quartz viscometer QVis 01 / L (laboratory version) and the brand new fluid impedance measuring system EPSILON+ are now also available in the new design housing.

Click here for our product overview.


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