Innovation and tradition.

flucon GmbH celebrate their 25th anniversary this year

2016 constitutes a special milestone in our company’s history: for meanwhile 25 years we have been developing and selling unique and reliable measuring devices, and we have been your competent partner whenever fluid technology-related questions arise.

Since 1991 we have slowly but continuously grown, at a pace that permitted us to remain true to our standards of competence and expertise. Besides working to meet the needs of international industrial customers, we have also kept in touch with the academic world, cooperating with the near-by Technical University of Clausthal – where several of us have their roots – as well as a number of other institutions in Germany and elsewhere.

„We want to thank our customers for the trust they have continued to place in us, and we pledge over
indefatigable commitment to the flucon principles: to develop innovative measuring technology for fluids and to put our main focus on the individual customer’s specific needs.“

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