A northern alliance.

flucon is teaming up with the experts at Kagaku for distribution in the Nordic and Baltic countries.

We’re super proud to announce that Kagaku Analys AB of Gothenburg, Sweden has agreed to becoming flucon’s strategic partner for sales and services in Scandinavia and in the Baltic countries. From now on customers in the North will profit from further competence in the field of thermal analysis and reliable technical support whenever needed.

Kagaku Analys AB is a very experienced and dedicated distributor of scientific equipment with a strong focus on thermal analysis – but now also on dielectric testing.

With their company name derived from the Japanese word for science (科学) these Swedish experts share with us a deep scientific background at cutting-edge research level.

Kagaku, becoming the exclusive distributor in the Nordic and Baltic countries for flucon’s laboratory instruments, the LAMBDA Thermal Conductivity Meter and the EPSILON+ Dielectricity Meter, will also extend their sales and services to potential markets like North America, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and Oceania.

With their well-established experience with leading thermal analyzers, such as the Hot Disk TPS (transient plane source) instruments, Kagaku will add LAMBDA‘s transient hot-wire technology to their portfolio and will therefore provide new technical options and bring further flexibility to clients within the field of thermal transport property measurement. Offering dielectric fluid analysis by means of the EPSILON+ they will also expand their customers’ testing capabilities with another innovative product that allows you to characterize fluids electrically, e.g. lubricants used in electric drives.

To integrate flucon’s meters into their extant line of instruments, Kagaku will launch a product page for both LAMBDA and EPSILON+ on their kagaku.se website shortly.

Our team is looking foward to this promising new cooperation!

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