LUBRICON Oil Performance Monitor

The Oil Performance Monitor LUBRICON

In regard to the technical development within the automobile sector, the gear construction branch as well as in the area of energy producing plants, continuous monitoring of the oil quality is gaining more and more importance. With the help of the LUBRICON Oil Performance Monitor you can keep track of the quality of your oils: for optimized processes and oil changing intervals tailored to your specific requirements.

Key features

  • Continuous determination of viscosity, electrical conductivity, relative permittivity
  • Categorization of the oil quality according to the customer's specifications
  • Visualization of the oil quality by means of LEDs (green=good, yellow=medium, red=poor)
  • Flexible mounting of the sensor
  • Measurements independent of the direction of flow
  • Reliable even under harsh process conditions
  • No mechanical wear parts
  • Maximum operational safety
  • Optional analog outputs (4…20 mA)
  • USB interface for optional connection to your computer (Windows software included)


Fields of application

In accordance with the quantifiable attributes of the aging process of liquid lubricants, the LUBRICON enables a continuous and nonreactive monitoring of liquid lubricants of engines and machinery parts. The continuous monitoring offers numerous advantages to the customer such as the optimization of oil changing intervals, the prevention of damage, the reducing of costs and the compliance with ecological objectives.

The LUBRICON provides data continuously and is furthermore equipped with three LEDs which allow an additional visualization of the oil quality with the help of the traffic light principle. The actual oil data as well as their variation compared to the data of the fresh oil are defined by LUBRICON on the basis of the fresh oil calibration on the one hand, and the customer-specific critical values on the other hand. Accordingly, the oil quality can be in one of the three following conditions:

  • very good/good oil quality (LED=green)
  • medium oil quality (LED=yellow)
  • poor oil quality (LED=red)


The measuring instrument LUBRICON is composed of a cylindrical screw-in quartz sensor and a corresponding compact electronic unit. The electronic unit does not only contain the respective control and evaluation system, but it provides the LEDs needed for the visualization of the state the system is in: three LEDs (green/yellow/red) for the oil quality (good/medium/poor) plus one additional seperate LED (red) functioning as an error indicator.

Technical data

Power supply 12 VDC or 24 VDC
Measuring fluid oils (electrically non-conductive fluids)
Primary calibration factory calibration
Fresh oil calibration carried out by the user (starting the self-calibration process)
Measuring range viscosity 5 to 1.500 mPas
Measuring range rel. permittivity 1 to 10
Measuring range temperature -40°C to 130°C
Pressure range sensor up to 25 bar
Surrounding temperature -40°C to 60°C
Dimensions electronic unit (LxWxH) 125 x 82 x 35mm (electronic unit w/o plugs)
Dimensions sensor approx. 80 mm, 3/4″ thread, min. insertion depth 55mm

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