CGS sensor for large flow rates

(up to 200 l/min)

Large sensor of the flucon CGS

Application of the large sensor

The large CGS sensor is suitable for main stream installation at flow rates up to max. 200 l/min.

A main stream installation of our large sensor is particularly recommended if the application is characterized by larger flow rates (above 5 l/min) at low operating pressures (below 5 bar).

With such a constellation, a bypass-measurement is not applicable as it cannot be ensured that a representative portion of the gas passes into the sensor. Thus, the measurement should be carried out in the main stream.

By the way: For extra-large applications exceeding 200 l/min, we offer extra-large sensors to the desired size. Contact us and tell us about your requirements.

Your application features flow rates below 5 l/min, or you prefer a bypass measurement?

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The CGS sensor in large version has two oil connections with G1" female thread on both ends.

Thus, the integration of the system in your fluid circuit can be implemented easily.

The following pressure drop curve results for the large measuring section:


Pressure drop of large sensor of the flucon CGS


Using a large sensor for low flow rates? Not a problem.

If you expect varying flow rates, even below 5 l/min, you may still choose the large version of the CGS sensor.

When it comes to the installation there are only two aspects you have to pay attention to:

1.) The CGS sensor should be placed in a horizontal position, so that the entrained gas (which always tends to rise up) cannot "overtake" the slow liquid stream.

2.) There should be a higher level in the short fluid line behind the CGS sensor, so that the sensor stays fully flooded with the liquid-gas-mixture that you're surveying.


Using the large CGS sensor with low flow rates


Technical specifications

Measuring media electrically non-conductive fluids
Flow rate 5 - 200 l/min - for even higher flow rates we manufacture extra-large sensors upon request
Temperature measurement PT 100, +/- 0,1°C
Temperature range -30°C to 150°C
Pressure measurement pressure sensor 0-10 bar
Maximum operating pressure max. 10 bar
Dimensions (WxHxL) 60 x 127 x 218 mm (incl. pressure sensor  & CGS sensor cable gland) - customized sensors available upon request
Sensor material Stainless steel (1.4571)
Sensor connector G1" female on both ends of the measuring section
Sensor cable length 5 m - custom lengths available upon request



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