Importance of fluid aeration

Significance of entrained gas in pumps, engines and machine components

Pumps, engines, gear boxes, turbochargers or hydraulic machines generally require suitably designed working fluids (such as lubricants or hydraulic fluids). The type and the quality of those operating materials are of fundamental importance for the functioning of the overall system. Dispersed gas within the specifically designed fluid can have a significantly negative impact on its functionality as it changes the major thermo-physical properties: besides the viscosity, particularly the density, the compressibilty and the thermal conductivity of the operating medium can be decisively affected. An inline aeration meter is therefore a crucial tool for the evaluation of the functionality of drive, machine or hydraulic components and can be essential for their improvement.

Visualization of examplary gas concentrations in 15W-40 (each generated with flucon's FOAM)

Significance of dispersed gas for the manufacturing and processing of foams, adhesives, cosmetics and food products

Other fields of two-phase applications are the processing of foams, aerogels, foamed adhesives as well as cosmetic and food products. Here, the gas concentration is generally a key factor for quality.

Our CGS inline system for the continuous determination of gas concentration is helpful to monitor and optimize the two-phase mixture during its development and production or for its application.