Solidarity with Ukraine.

Statement on the war in Ukraine.

Our solidarity and sympathy is with the people of Ukraine. We strongly condemn President Putin’s war of aggression on a free and democratic country, which is breaking with international law.

Since February 24th, the world has been a different place – and of course this also affects our team. We are stunned that in 2022, after the experiences from history, there is war in Europe and peace and freedom are at stake. The brutal invasion of Ukraine is an attack on the peace of the entire free world and causes immeasurable suffering on all sides. War knows no winners.

We stand in solidarity with the people of Ukraine, whose courage and bravery deserve our greatest respect and whose suffering deeply affects us. At the same time, our solidarity and respect also goes to the people in Russia who, despite the threat of repression by the regime, are courageously speaking out and demanding this cruel and aimless invasion to end.

We are positioning ourselves with this statement because peace and freedom also form the fundament of our economic activity and speaking out together is the least we can do.




Help by donating to Ukraine relief efforts:




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