Q-Vis Online Viscometer

Accurate and versatile

The core of the Q-Vis viscometer is an oscillating quartz which is robust and versatile: with its wear-free crystal, Q-Vis can determine the dynamic viscosity of both stagnant and flowing liquids. Being fully independent of the flow conditions, you can test with reliable accuracy even under turbulences.

And here is how Q-Vis works: Once immersed into the test liquid the oscillating behavior of the quartz changes. Each influence on the oscillation has specific characteristics and will be analyzed by the device to determine the viscosity. This patented, tried and trusted measuring method makes our Q-Vis a unique instrument that opens up many new possibilities for the determination and for the control of viscosity.

Key features

  • Suitable for both in-line and laboratory measurement
  • Determination of the dynamic viscosity as a function of the temperature
  • Simultaneous display of the kinematic viscosity
  • Torsional transducer measurement, independent of type or direction of flow
  • High shear-rates without adverse effects on the tested fluid
  • Large measuring range (1 to 10.000 mPa*s)
  • Only small samples required for lab measurements (approx. 35 ml)
  • Short set-up and measuring times
  • Easy to handle and to clean
  • Robust quartz sensor without any moving parts
  • Standard RS-232 digital interface for optional connection to your Windows PC


Fields of application

The Q-Vis Viscometer can be operated either in stand-alone mode or - with the included powerful software - on any Windows PC via RS-232 or USB. Its additional analog output can also be used to surveil your process and even actuate certain control elements, e.g. for diluent admixing.


Q-Vis versions

Q-Vis is available in two different versions:

Furthermore, for application in explosion-hazardous areas, Q-Vis is available as an explosive-proof process viscometer. All Q-Vis types are characterized by their high measuring accuracy, easy handling and a maximum of operational safety.


When used in the lab Q-Vis creates additional possibilities for fluid development.

In test facilities it enables a quick and reliable quality control, Q-Vis will help you improve your process control and quality assurance.

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