Flucon Oil Aeration Machine - FOAM

Our new FOAM (Flucon Oil Aeration Machine)

When oil aeration is a challenge, FOAM is your solution.

The foaming of lubricants and hydraulic oils can cause functional problems and damages in many technical applications. As a consequence of the general pursuit of maximum compactness and efficiency, operational fluids are exposed to growing strains, and thus the risk of undissolved air accumulating in the medium is increased. Aerated oils can suffer dramatical loss of lubricity and compressibility, and can therefore cause serious damage to power-transmitting components.

flucon, who have become a top-notch expert in the field of oil-foaming ever since we produced our gas-content measuring system CGS, are now developing a totally new device for the controlled introduction of gas into oil, thus enabling users to counteract the problems arising from aeration in their fluid-carrying systems. Since this is a completely new field of research, flucon are supported by ZIM, a government funding program for exceptional innovations.


Our FOAM (flucon Oil Aeration Machine) is a compact unit that contains a 40 L-tank, which can be easily integrated into your fluid circuit, where it then produces consistent air-in-oil dispersions. Customers can choose gas contents from 0 to 25 % for their oil. While the FOAM unit is adding the desired amount gas to your fluid fully automatically, there is no need for a compressed air supply. When the gas content reaches the required level, the user may go ahead and pump the foamed oil through his circuit.

Of course, due to both the natural defoaming and the strain of your process, the gas content of the oil will slowly decrease until it is fed back to the tank. But the automatic degassing compensation function takes care of that: once the FOAM has been calibrated with the oil of your choice, it constantly measures the exact gas content within its tank and intelligently inserts additional air to keep the gas content on a constant level. The integrated sight glass visualizes the foaming and proves the homogeneity of your dispersion stream.

FOAM V01 Features

  • continuous production of consistent and homogenous air-in-oil dispersions (micro-bubble mixtures)
  • adjustable gas-content 0...25 vol. %
  • automatic degassing compensation
  • integrated temperature control
  • fully applicable to your fluid circuit or test stand
  • no compressed air supply needed
  • easy integration through included reservoir (40 L)
  • high accuracy
  • simple handling and compact size
  • standard digital interface (RS 232) for an optional connection to your PC (software included)
  • sight glass for foam visualization
  • oil according to customer‘s choice (requires single calibration)


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