FOAM Flucon Oil Aeration Machine

Our new FOAM (Flucon Oil Aeration Machine)

When fluid aeration is a challenge, FOAM may be your solution.

The appearance of entrained gas in operating media such as lubricants or hydraulic oils can cause functional problems and even damages in many technical applications. As a consequence to the general pursuit of maximum compactness and efficiencies, operational fluids are exposed to growing strains, which increases the risk of entrained air accumulating in the medium. Aerated oils lose their lubricity and get compressible, which may cause serious tribological problems or even damage to power-transmitting components.

flucon, who have become a top-notch expert in the field of fluid aeration ever since we developed the CGS inline aeration meter over a decade ago, have now created an all-new apparatus for the controlled introduction of air into non-conductive fluids, allowings customers to counteract the problems arising from trapped gas in their lubricated or hydraulic systems.

Since this was a completely new field of research, flucon were supported by ZIM, a German government funding program for exceptional innovations. In addition both the procedure and the apparatus are now patented!


The latest innovation from flucon:

FOAM Oil Aeration Machine

Our FOAM (Flucon Oil Aeration Machine) is a compact aggregat which contains a 40 Liter tank (type FOAM S), that can be easily integrated into your fluid circuit as a reservoir, where it then produces consistent air-in-oil dispersions.

If you favor an external installation, with an aeration unit added to your pre-existing open reservoir, you may prefer our FOAM XL-x, which we also recommend if higher flow rates of up to 60 l/min (15 gpm) of aerated oil are required. If you need even more than that, we also offer extra-large custom FOAM units.

No matter what type of FOAM you prefer: Aeration testing is very easy with this plug-and-play unit. Simply set up a gas concentration (CG set = 0.50 - 25.00 vol.-%*) for your specific oil. The FOAM will immediately add the desired amount of dispersed gas to your fluid. This procedure will be carried out fully-automatically, with no compressed air supply required. When the gas concentration reaches the required level the "FOAM ready" lamp lights up and you can go ahead and pump the aerated oil through your circuit.

Of course both the natural degassing and the strain of your application may reduce the gas concentration of your fluid when it is fed back from your outlet to the reservoir. But the automatic degassing compensation function based on inline CG measurement takes care of that: once the FOAM has been calibrated on the fluid of your choice, it constantly measures the live gas concentration inside your tank and intelligently inserts additional air to keep the CG on a constant level. The integrated sight glass (FOAM S) visualizes the dispersion and lets you keep an eye on the homogeneity of your two-phase mixture.

The temperature control compensates for the heat which is generated through the aeration process. If you go for our FOAM S you can also heat up the oil in preparation for your tests by means of its built-in 3 kW heater.


FOAM // General features

  • continuous production of consistent and homogenous air-in-oil dispersions (micro-bubble mixtures)
  • adjustable gas concentration (CG) 0.50 ... 25.00 vol% (* max. CG depends on the viscosity of your fluid)
  • automatic degassing compensation function based on live 1 Hz CG measurement
  • integrated temperature control (& 3 kW heater for FOAM S)
  • fully applicable to your fluid circuit or test bench
  • no compressed air supply needed
  • easy integration through included reservoir (FOAM S) or external setup (FOAM XL-x)
  • highly accurate integrated aeration sensor (no additional sensor required)
  • simple handling and compact size (mobile unit on wheels)
  • analog interface (standard: 0...10 V) for all key process parameters as well as for external control
  • sight glass for aeration visualization (FOAM S)
  • can be used for multiple oils (only requires single calibration for each new fluid used)
  • successfully tested with many motor oils, transmission fluids, CVT fluids etc.
  • standard digital interface (RS-232) for an optional connection to your WINDOWS PC (powerful flucon software included)




FOAM // Types

1) FOAM S - stand-alone version (2nd Gen 2021)

  • stand-alone aeration test rig
  • continuous production of temperature-controlled micro-bubble mixtures
  • CG Set = 0.00 ... 25.00 vol% (in 0.50 vol% increments)
  • includes 40 Liter reservoir (requires approx. 20 l min.)
  • suitable for flow rates of up to 50 l/min
  • 3-phase motor 400 V 50-60 Hz; high efficiency (IE3)
  • comes with 4.5 kW heater and air cooler (T set = 20 ... 120°C)
  • integrated CG measurement
  • approx. measures: L 880 mm x D 800 mm x H 1100 mm, weight: approx. 200 kg
  • additional pump required (FOAM pump will be used for internal circulation only)
  • full control via stand-alone mode, RS-232/USB with flucon software or 0...10 V analog interface
  • scheme of possible application (your additional components represented on the left):




2) FOAM XL-x - external aeration test rig

  • external aeration unit with hoses or pipes placed inside your own reservoir
  • CG Set = 0.00 ... 25.00 vol% (in 0.50 vol% increments)
  • 3-phase motor 400 V 50-60 Hz; high efficiency (IE3)
  • suitable for flow rates of up to 60 l/min (custom units for higher rates are also available)
  • accurate CG control: external aeration measurement within the suction area of your test object
  • fast and reliable CG measurement at atmospheric pressure
  • continuous circulation for homogenous and stable results
  • approx. measures: L 850 mm x D 750 mm x H 1100 mm; weight: approx. 180 kg
  • scheme of potential setup (your additional components represented on the left):


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Our new FOAM (Flucon Oil Aeration Machine)