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Fluid facts from A to Z.

Soon to come: flucon is preparing an online fluid lexicon

By compiling a fluid lexicon we intend to provide an overview of all relevant terms of fluid technology, which virtually constitute our daily bread.

While scientific accuracy is of course indispensable, we would also like to complement it by including our own explanatory remarks, cross-references and descriptions of practical applications. Stay tuned for the flucon fluid lexicon!

flucon looks for Lonau side.

sponsoring the local sports club

flucon is proud to announce the cooperation with TTC Lonau 59 e.V., a small town table-tennis club from our neighborhood.

The men’s squad will now wear jerseys and tracksuits with our flucon emblem on their backs. We sure hope they can achieve their high goals for this season, and we’re there to show some support.


Go, Lonau.

25th Anniversary is something to celebrate.

Team flucon on tour

We celebrated the 25th anniversary of flucon in July, taking an eventful and memorable 2- day-trip to Hamburg with the entire team.

Thanks to flawless weather and a program of versatile entertainment, the trip was a fun experience for all of us.

We’re bubbling with joy.

flucon research activities on controlled oil foaming will be funded by government agency

Good news for our product development: flucon’s latest research project will receive finacial support from ZIM, a program of the Federal Ministry of Economy and Energy specially designed to promote innovational projects in medium-sized enterprises.

zim-researchThe result of our efforts will hopefully be available soon in the form of an innovative device that will be of valuable assistance whenever problems arise in machine systems and components due to oil foaming.

As the developers of the successful gas content-measuring device CGS team flucon is thrilled by the opportunity to apply and expand our unique know-how on the subject of oil foaming to the benefit of our customers.

Innovation and tradition.

flucon GmbH celebrate their 25th anniversary this year

2016 constitutes a special milestone in our company’s history: for meanwhile 25 years we have been developing and selling unique and reliable measuring devices, and we have been your competent partner whenever fluid technology-related questions arise.

Since 1991 we have slowly but continuously grown, at a pace that permitted us to remain true to our standards of competence and expertise. Besides working to meet the needs of international industrial customers, we have also kept in touch with the academic world, cooperating with the near-by Technical University of Clausthal – where several of us have their roots – as well as a number of other institutions in Germany and elsewhere.

„We want to thank our customers for the trust they have continued to place in us, and we pledge over
indefatigable commitment to the flucon principles: to develop innovative measuring technology for fluids and to put our main focus on the individual customer’s specific needs.“